Why Mission Fitness Center

We are Mission Fitness Center

The owners of Mission Fitness Center, Wendy & Chris Grace, have been personal trainers over twenty years. What once started as a garage gym, to a boutique gym in San Marino is now a 10,000 sq ft facility in the city of Alhambra; truly a lifters dream come true! Time, effort and experience have lead the Grace’s into building a gym where athletes have accessibility to the best  equipment that most private gyms offer. 

One of the reasons they decided to have an open gym was due to being tired of the corporate mentality where athletes are treated as a nuisance. They wanted to build a community where one would not get hassled for wanting to become their best. No limitations towards dead-lifting, using chalk or grunting. As their reputation continued to grow so did their desire to enter the power-lifting community. The entire family became involved wanting to compete, winning gold medals and eventually attracting more and more athletes in the Los Angeles County. Soon the boutique gym they were so proud of became too small for the needs of these athletes and the decision was made in moving to Alhambra, CA.

Now, there is plenty of room for everyone and so many toys have been added! Come and join a new kind of gym “Where Strong People Are Made”!

New Toys include as follows:

  • 10 man squat rig racked with Texas Power Bars
  • Squat Rig with Rogue mono-lift attachment
  • 4 deadlifting platforms and bumper plates
  • 2 Olympic platforms with Olympic bars and bumper plates
  • 2 ER Competition benches
  • Kilo plates sitting on a competition stage
  • 30 yard turf with sleds, prowlers, Yoke bars, etc etc
  • Bench area racked with Texas Power Bars and ETE benches
  • Bodybuilding area with Hammerstrength and Icarian Machines
  • Dumbbells up to 150lbs
  • Cardio machines including rowers and airdyne bikes
  • Boxing bag area
  • Showers, air conditioning, plenty of parking

And so much more!!!