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Mission Fitness Center
Mission Fitness Center13 hours ago
So proud of this guy @liftingbobby! He did his first competition this past Sunday. He had asked me to get him ready during a mock meet we had at our gym. At first I was reluctant because of just opening a new gym. Bobby was persistent for month and I decided I liked his eagerness to learn. He did not disappoint. He allowed me and @chrisg.mfc fix his technique when it was necessary. He would take my scolding like a champ throughout the past three months like a good son 🤣! It was a pleasure watching you get stronger. I felt like a proud gym mom while you were on the platform. Sooo happy for you Bobby!
#missionfitnesscenter #wherestrongpeoplearemade #uspa #platformready #proudgymmom
Mission Fitness Center

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