About Us

 Mission Fitness Center is a boutique gym that offers a welcoming environment where you can achieve your fitness goals. We are:

  • Conveniently located in San Marino’s Mission District, a minute from South Pasadena, and a few minutes from Pasadena and Alhambra
  • A beautiful, spacious vintage brick-and-wood space, brightly lit by huge picture wislide-8ndows
  • Limited membership, so the gym is usually uncrowded
  • Free amenities including clean towels and coffee
  • Diverse clientele, from high school athletes to seniors in their 90s; from dancers to people just discovering fitness
  • Straightforward fee structure: A monthly fee that is competitive with area gyms
  • Personal training is available upon request, for purchase
  • Fitness education and information through our YouTube channel
  • Scrupulously clean environment, including clean bathrooms
  • Current equipment list

Four Man Rig
1 Competition Bench
1 Tradition Bench
1 Incline Bench
Hammer Strength-Chest and Shoulder
Icarian Machines-Circuit Area
Icarian 10 Station
Hack Squat Machine
Incline Leg Press Machine
Dumbbells 1lb-150lbs
Medicine Balls

Specialty Bars:
4 Texas Bars
1 Olympic Bar
1  Multi Grip Bar
1 Safety Squat Bar
1 Deadlift Bar
1 Buffalo Bar
1 Cambered Bar
1 Earthquake Bar
2 Fat Bars
1 Trap Bar

3 Elliptical Machines
2 Upright Bikes
2 Recombent Bikes
4 Treadmills
1 Schwinn Spinner



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